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"Today We Will" newsletter sends sustainability tips for everyday lifestyle.

Simple concept. Great potential.

Today We Will is an impact newsletter by Olivia Gossett Cooper. Every weekday morning, it reveals a sustainability tip we can all do that day. In four sentences or less, the letters explains why the tip is good for the environment and how to do it.

Tips are small and simple things everyone can do. They will never involve political action, donations, or spending money anywhere. 

The magic of this newsletter is that it uses the power of we, positively. One task. For one day. Done by all. That's how we create positive change. What you'd be signing up for is a newsletter. What we'd be doing is changing the world. 

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Today We Will is a not-for-profit newsletter that shares simple sustainability tips. The tips are mere suggestions, and should be used at subsciber's discretion.
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