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"Today We Will" newsletter sends sustainability tips for everyday lifestyle.


Today, let’s share your mission.

Hosting a newsletter is an opportunity to share a sustainability tip that relates to your brand or mission to thousands of subscribers who are motivated to be more sustainable.


I thought TWW was not for profit. What gives?
Indeed, we are! As we get more subscribers, our newsletter service provider chargers us more and more to keep using their platform. Hosted newsletters allow us to pay for these increasing service fees, that’s all.

What is a Hosted Newsletter?
It’s a TWW newsletter, where the sustainability tip of that day is suggested by your brand and approved by TWW. The newsletter announces that your brand is the host, and includes a blurb about your brand and links to a relevant page or profile for subscribers to learn more. Sometimes, it can also include an image of your product or service.

Who Should Host?
Hosts should align with Today We Will’s mission and voice. We accept hosts that our subscribers will be glad to learn about and hear from.

How to Host?
Send an email to with subject line “Hosting a Newsletter”. If your brand is a good fit, it’s pretty simple from there. Send a sustainability tip or two that relate to your brand or its mission, and we’ll put it in the TWW voice. Then, we’ll share your hosted newsletter with our subscribers.

Our Audience
As of September 2019, Today We Will Newsletter reaches about 6,000 engaged subscribers who are motivated to live a more sustainable lifestyle and be more involved in the sustainability community.



Today We Will is a not-for-profit newsletter that shares simple sustainability tips. The tips are mere suggestions, and should be used at subsciber's discretion.
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